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Online Examination

With the growth of technology in the current world each and every aspect is getting reflected to the cyber world. We present you with online education and examination to provide you the platform of online education. In the current world online examination in the only possible medium to provide students with the latest updated education and courses. Our online examination platform provides you with all the modern facilities to patch up with the world.

Give Best Online Exam Prepared by Kiran Prakashan & Pratiyogita Kiran (Nice and Easy)

How to Give Online Exam ?

Dear Student,

We have launched a very Student friendly with almost zero issues Online Exam Set up.

Steps For Giving the exam
1.   Go to our website  or
2.   Click on the link which says "Available Exams"
2.   You will find lots of prepared Exams over there. Choose the exam you want to give.
3.   Click on the link which says "Click here to download"
4.   You will be sent to a link. 
5.    Go to "File" Menu and select "download"
6.   Save it to any location of your choice on your Computer.
7.   Unzip the File.
8.   Click on the "Setup"
9.   Enter the User Name & Password given by our organisation.
10. If you don not have any. Then Purchase one. Click Here to Purchase.

Note: Many time we provide Free sets for our Students. Through our various websites.

Do not Share your ID & Password with anyone.

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Web Adresses That will help you get your Aim in getting Government Jobs.

Web Adresses That will help you get your Aim in getting Government Jobs.